The Science of Happiness and Positive Education (SHAPE) Lab aims to understand the role of well-being factors and interventions in promoting mental health, academic success, and inclusive school settings. Our research concentrates on the application of positive psychological theories and research findings to address key psychological, educational, and social problems faced by adolescents and young adults, especially in non-Western cultural contexts. We also design psychological interventions that intend to boost academic achievement, social emotional learning, well-being, and media literacy in youth. To provide a more comprehensive and holistic evidence about the antecedents and consequences of well-being, we adopt a multi-method approach such as cross-sectional, cross-cultural, cross-temporal, online experimental, and intervention designs.


Our lab primarily concentrates on the following overarching research areas: positive psychology, positive education, and inclusive education. We are also interested in applying well-being theories and scientific findings in the areas of educational technology and environmental behaviors.